Benidorm Old Town

I really wanted to find a cheap holiday for me & Thom to go on and with Thom currently at college part time as well as a full-time job we had to book in ‘school holidays’. We used Travel Republic and found a great deal in Benidorm. As soon as you tell people you are … Continue reading Benidorm Old Town


Sambuca on Bangla Road

As if we're getting to the last 3 weeks of our trip?? It's gone so so quick! We've both really been looking forward to Thailand as it's a perfect chance for us to really relax. We spent our first few days in patong which really got us stuck into the Thai way of life! Bikes … Continue reading Sambuca on Bangla Road


Literally, i have always wanted to visit a destination which looks exactly like a postcard, and i can sit there and tan like there is no tomorrow. What better place then MEXICOOO! We were toying with the idea of mexico for so long, looking at hotels and prices. It was so expensive comparing them all to … Continue reading Mexico