Searching For My First Home

So, I’m now 27 years old. Back in the days of college and drinking every single day, I thought I would have my life sorted out by the age of 26. I’d be settled down, maybe engaged, have a house and looking at the possibilities of having children. Oh, how wrong I was. I’m currently living with my parents still, saving money for a deposit for my own house and still trying to find the extra money (and time) to go and play out with my friends.

So picture this..going about your normal day and your parents come out of the blue to tell you they are selling the house and moving to a new area, which you cannot commute from to get to work every single day.  Great. The grown up bat hits you right in the face. This is the time. This is the push I needed. Now I need to find my own house. I’ve managed to save quite a bit of money over the last couple of years after getting back from a 3 month life changing trip so I knew I could be well on my way towards finding a new home.

Where do you start?

I immediately went onto the house websites and scrolled for hours on end to find what I liked. It took me a while to realise I wouldn’t be able to afford some of the prices I was looking at i think everyone goes for what they can’t afford first. So I went lower.

  • Zoopla was one of my favourite apps to use, and you can save your favourites to look back on later!

Next on my to do list was to get in the car and drive around all the different areas that had caught my eye. Having no children or anything to tie me down, the world was my oyster (within reason). So off I went to all the different areas with my notepad of different types of house, with different prices and mileage to work and I made a pros and cons list of each one.  It took me a few weeks until I finally realised I would actually benefit from staying local and finding a nice little house I could make my own.

  • A MASSIVE tip would be to make as many lists as possible. It really did make the whole situation A LOT easier to take control of.

My parents came out with me after about 2 months of looking and we went out for a full day and had numerous viewings. I thought I found the perfect house which looked amazing on paper. I went to view it and came out so deflated cause I didn’t like it. I believed I would know the minute I found the right one and I felt so so down that it had got to the point where nothing was catching my eye. (Please bear in mind I am aware people can look for months/years for the right thing to pop up). And with a limit on time as my parents were getting ready to move, i had to make sure i could move quickly.

On our way home from another day of searching (yes i went out A LOT) I saw a for sale sign down a street we had not been down and I immediately said lets go and look. As we were driving down the street I started to get butterflies. It was quiet and pretty and as soon as i saw the house i love with it straight away. We had a little look and rang the estate agents and booked a viewing for the next day.

  • If you see a house you even remotely are interested in, make sure to organise a viewing ASAP. I can’t tell you how many houses had been snapped up by the time i organised phone calls!

I knew as soon as I walked in, this was the one for me. It didn’t look like it needed much work doing to it (mainly cosmetic) and it was waayyyyy lower than my price range. PERFECT. It actually turned out I had saved this house as one of my favourites, and I hadn’t realised until I searched for it again that day. Sounds cliche but maybe everything happens for a reason.

Now for the complicated stuff.

Actually moving forward & buying the thing.


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