Benidorm Old Town

I really wanted to find a cheap holiday for me & Thom to go on and with Thom currently at college part time as well as a full-time job we had to book in ‘school holidays’. We used Travel Republic and found a great deal in Benidorm. As soon as you tell people you are going to Benidorm, people immediately think you’re going to party. No. Not me, I can’t actually keep up anymore now im 27!

Flying to Alicante from Manchester is a quick 2-and-a-half-hour flight and I landed right into the sunshine. Benidorm is a 45-minute drive from Alicante airport and we used a Hoppa coach to drop us off at our hotel. We chose the cheapest option and had to drop other hotels off and we were the last but it was worth it as our hotel was gorgeous! A huge skyscraper of a hotel standing out from the crowd, The Melia. A 10-minute walk from the madness of Benidorm strip but far enough away to not be involved. Perfect.

Obviously with the reputation Benidorm has I wanted to go out and find a little bit of Benidorm which is not full of Brits abroad drinking pints in football shirts. If you walk about 30 minutes down the front of the coast you can find the most beautiful little viewing spot in the whole of Benidorm. It’s called Mirador Del Castel. The whole area is white and blue and is just perfectly Spanish in every way. It’s part of the old town and is a busy tourist spot and everybody is trying to get that perfect insta shot but it is so worth it. You get a beautiful view from the viewing platform which sticks right out into the ocean and it’s just amazing! Check it out on Instagram for some of the most amazing shots!

Once you’ve been there (we went just before sunset to get some good shots) you need to head into the old town for drinks and food! The whole area is just beautiful and it really gives off a good Spanish vibe compared to 30 minutes down the road.

We only managed to stop for some cocktails in the end as we had already eaten dinner. Of course, no night is complete without crepes and ice cream. We stumbled across a busy area which had seating outside and everybody was eating and drinking there so we stopped and just enjoyed the Spanish ambience. Lovely!

Every night we made the walk back through the Benidorm strip and we love people watching, so we ordered a beer and just sat and watched the madness unfold. It is hilarious. Benidorm is a good place for people to visit if you want a bit of everything on your holidays. If you find the right hotel like we did, you don’t even need to leave in the daytime, and then go and explore in the evening. Perfect! If you can go when the children are in school, the prices are so low that it is the perfect cheap little get away for a young couple.


2 thoughts on “Benidorm Old Town

  1. I accidentally ended up in Benidorm a few years ago and actually really enjoyed it! Was such a bustling place and so much fun! And yes the people watching is the best!


  2. I love your outfits!
    Such a good idea to explore the real Benidorm, it’s actually made me want to go. It looks beautiful so thanks for sharing.


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