Just before the rush of Christmas set in we decided to get away for a few days and ended up choosing Berlin as our destination. The flight from Manchester is relatively quick and we bagged good flight times at the end of November, with Easyjet.

As soon as we got there we managed to find the trains easily, just a short walk away from the terminal. We had to change twice to get to our hotel in Potsdamer Platz but it only took us around 35 minutes in total. We checked in and then immediately headed for the nearest Christmas market. This was my first time in Germany so I had to make sure I found some real Christmas markets. Potsdamer Platz had a lot to offer ranging from crepes and mulled wine to homemade German gifts. The food is amazing!! We tried the curry wurst which was Bratwurst sausage covered in a lovely curry sauce and a bread roll. SO GOOD!

We went off to find the Brandenburg Gate which again was very easy to find. It wasn’t that busy with tourists either which made it an even nicer experience. The area in which it was based didn’t have that much to do around it so we made our way to see some of the Berlin Wall. The wall which divided Berlin back in 1961 still stands in some parts of Berlin. We visited the site of Typography of Terror first then made our way to the East Side Gallery on the train.

The East Side Gallery is an open-air gallery where people have painted murals onto the actual remains of the Berlin Wall. There are 105 paintings in total by all different artists and the paintings all have different meanings behind them. There are the famous ones which people tend to stand around a lot longer taking photos at. But the walk down the wall is actually nice and its really interesting to see the weird and wonderful paintings.

One of my favourite places to see was the Berlin Cathedral. It is a beautiful building located on Museum Island. We managed to see this then head in from the rain to a coffee shop nearby.

Another thing I really recommend doing is trying the beer in Hofbrau Brewery. It really gives you a taste of the ‘Bavarian’ culture with live music in the background. It is a really open area with wooden tables to sit at and all the pretzels and beer you can handle. It is so much fun and a definite must to tick off your beer list.

If like me you love photographs you MUST go and find the old school photobooths. They take the photos in black and white and they take 5 minutes to develop but are so so worth it. They are about 2 euros per time, so obviously we took so many but they are hidden away in random streets. We managed to find a map online here and go and get lost and find them!! (Plus the booths themselves can be so instagramable!). The graffiti around Berlin is also really cool. There is something different around every corner.

As it was getting close to Christmas it was lovely seeing all the decorations and trees up. It always makes things feel so much nicer. If we had gone a week later there would have been lots more Christmas markets to visit. But if you do stumble across one then you need to try a crepe with a kinder chocolate bar inside. They are to DIE FOR!!




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