I Am Grateful For….

Okay, so I’m a little late to this this year. HELLO 2018!!

I’ve been really rubbish recently and I totally let my blogging head go. It’s been Christmas, new year and I’ve worked pretty much every day through this as well. So, it’s safe to say I’ve been pretty busy.

2017 was a weird kind of year for me. I came back from the trip of a lifetime, I turned 26 (which was my age I wanted to sort myself out for…SPOILER..i’m not sorted out) and I lost my amazing nan which shook our entire world upside down.

I kind of threw myself into ‘focusing on myself’. Reading self help books, spending more time enjoying my own company and just generally getting through day to day a little differently to how I used too. This probably lasted about 2 weeks. Come on, we all say were going to do these amazing things and we all slowly but surely let them drift away again. December was a busy busy month and before I knew it, I was celebrating New Year’s Eve at an ABBA tribute band drunk on red wine.

A new year. A new month. A new week. A new day. And to top it off, it all landed on a Monday. AMAZING. I had all the ideas on paper of things I needed to do in the new year. New year, new me blah blah blah. However one day my best friend Katie said to me; ‘new year, same me’. And you know what, that girl is literally right about everything. THANK YOU KATIE LOWE. I don’t want to change the person I actually am. I quite like who I am. I just want to work on myself a little more to become a better version of me. (Also this book…amazing. Go buy it now!)

So far, so good. I started a gratitude journal after reading about how amazing it makes you feel and I can honestly say it works great. I spend 15 minutes at the end of my evening relaxing, I light some candles, I sit by my crystals and I write everything I am grateful for. It varies from the little things in life such as waking up without an alarm to the £80 that magically found its way into my account just at the moment I needed £80. WERID I KNOW!! Positive thinking for you that!

All in all I’ve had quite a positive start to this new year. I have loved writing in my new diary, making plans and setting myself some savings goals. ( I NEED THAT HOUSE!!). I have spent some lovely time with my family and friends and im excited to get my serious head on now. No more bouncing around spending all my money on unnecessary holidays. (Okay I maaaaaay have booked a week in Spain but come on everyone needs some sunshine). WHOOPS!!

Heres hoping 2018 just gets better and better. What are you plans and goals? Give me a message and let me know!


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