Pizza & Prosecco Festival

Pizza & prosecco..what more can a girl ask for? When i saw this festival being promoted online, i knew we had to get tickets. It was a perfect excuse for me and the girls to get together!

The festival was held at Bowlers Manchester just near the Trafford Centre so we all jumped in a taxi straight there from town. We got there early, so were one of the first few to get in there. It was amazing!! Inflatable pizza slices, pizza balloons and food and drink everywhere. It was an instagrammers dream!!

There were 2 main bar areas alongside a mix of private bars like the tipple van. So cute. There was at least 5 different places to choose from for your pizza. From pizza cones to stonebaked pizzas there was a lot to chose from. The pizzas were to die for! So so yummy!!! They had live music and 20 different proseccos to try out!!

Me and the girls had an amazing time. You have to pay for vouchers on your way in, so there isn’t much cash being handled out and about. We put all our vouchers into a kitty and ended up buying bottles of prosecco instead of just glasses. It got messy, haha but this was we got to try a lot more types. They offered fruit with them too.

This looked like the first time they have done this festival, but they did an amazing job. It was absolutely packed out and everyone got more and more drunk and more and more fun. They were even putting glitter on everyone for free, so of course we did it!! We ended up going out after for another dance and more drinks!! The pizza was good, the prosecco was good, but the company was even better. I really hope they do this festival again because i will totally be getting tickets.


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