London Town

We always try and get away for a short break for both our birthdays, this year was no different for Thom’s. However with the busy year we’ve both had, we ended up saying no to a summer getaway and booked a trip to London for a long weekend. We were extremely lucky with the weather and it was so so hot the whole time! Perfect.

We have both been to London before, just not together yet so we wanted to go and see all of the famous sights again. We booked a hotel in Whitechapel, which was just out of the main centre, so it worked out a little cheaper. Bonus.

Thom also did some good research to find some things that aren’t as popular but really quirky. St Dunstan in the East was one amazing place we found. An old unused church which has half come down and been replaced with grass areas and trees. It is so pretty.

We obviously went to Camden Town to search endlessly through the markets. It feels like it gets bigger every time and there’s so many weird and wonderful items to browse. The food and drink part is amazing every time and we went with some chicken wraps and some fresh orange juice, SO YUMMY.

Thom really wanted to go to Notting Hill, and we ended up finding the Notting Hill Carnival which we didn’t know was on. I got glitter on my face, we got some cans of beer and decided to get stuck in. The atmosphere was just great, the sun was out, the music loud and everyone was dancing.

It was so busy and there was a slight uneasy feeling with us both being there. We ended up jumping on the tube and heading off to see some more sights. Which was so so lucky as we got home and heard the news that there had been an acid attack at the carnival. Honestly it is so scary things like this happen everyday, and obviously we count our blessings that we were not there when it happened.

With the weather being amazing, we went for a walk near Buckingham Palace and ended up sitting in St Andrew’s Park and relaxing with our books. It’s lovely that in the hustle and bustle of London there was this area of peace and quiet and everyone was enjoying some calm and relaxing moments.

The rest of our time there we did the usual: a lot of walking, sightseeing and eating. There is this amazing waffle place in China Town called Bubblewrap that do the most amazing waffles and ice cream!! The queue was in barriers outside, but well worth it.

We loved visiting London and we have both said we want to come back sometime soon and manage to go and see more than just the tourist spots. Now we’ve done that we can go back and do more of what we want to next time. The tube in London is honestly one of the best things ever. It gets you around so easy and quick i really wish we had it here in Manchester. Cause lets be honest the tram doesn’t get you from A-B very quickly does it? Haha!!


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