I’m Back!

Hi!! I’ve had a little time off from the social media world for the past few weeks. We’ve all had a really tough time as we learnt that my lovely nan passed away suddenly. It was a complete shock to us all and it really knocked the wind out of  my sails.

Trying to cope with loss is not something I’ve had to deal with before and its become very apparent that everybody deals with it differently. I honestly thought i was okay until a week later i was getting chest pains and couldn’t breathe like normal. A trip to the doctors later and its clear i have anxiety. I never even thought this would be an issue for me but then again i have never been through a anything like this before.

The doctors gave me a week off work and some tablets to help and i’m just near the end of that week now. I’m feeling tons better physically, mentally i am getting there. We all have our moments but this week has been just what i needed. To spend time with my family, my boyfriend and just me. Some me time is just what the doctor ordered (literally).

Having this time to myself has given me the opportunity to take a look at my life and see what it is i want to do with it. So i’m hoping there are some changes over the next year or so. But i’m back! And i want to spend some more time and effort on my blogging so you should be seeing some more posts coming up soon.

Oh, and Nan.. we all miss you terribly, i hope you’re bossing everyone around and enjoying pots and pots of tea up there. I think of you everyday โค


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