Camping in Ullswater

To say I live 2 hours away, somewhere I do not visit enough is The Lake District. That 2 hour drive is such a beautiful little road trip it feels like I’ve been transported back to New Zealand. My best friends and I booked a camping trip to Ullswater last week and found the cutest little campsite right on the water.

I have a 6 man tent which I have never put up by myself (shout out to Thom for being the best camper ever!) and the thought of us 4 girls putting this up alone was hilarious! We drove right through Pooley Bridge to get to our campsite which is a really cute little village offering a few pubs, shops and tea rooms. All the necessities! Once we got to the campsite we realised just how cute it really was here. All the families sitting by the lake watching the boats sail past; it just gave us a lovely feeling. We started putting the tent up which eventually took us about an hour. So much fun and stress at the same time, but we recorded it all on the GoPro which makes for good footage.

Once we had done this we found the nearest super market to do a typical camping shop; red wine and marshmellows haha! We eventually just slobbed in the tent and made the most of each other. We are such good friends that we can enjoy that silence that we all well and truly needed. The campsite we stayed in was a 15 minute walk right next to the lake into Pooley Bridge where we ended up at the pub for some well needed pub grub (and a sing of Moana next to the lake on the way home.)

Thom had told me about a waterfall we had to go and see and it just so happened it was right down the road. Aira Force is a 65ft waterfall in Ullswater which you have to find your way through the different tracks to find it. We started walking upwards and found ourselves right at the top of the waterfall and if you were brave enough to lean over you could see how fast and hard the water was falling. We walked down to the bottom to get a full view of the waterfall just as the sun came out and it was truly beautiful! The bridge over the top of it just made it look even quirkier.

the walk in total only took us about an hour (we are not true walkers at all!!!) but the walk itself was nice. We got some lovely views of Ullswater half way up. Once we walked back down we then headed to the tea room for coffee and scones! YUM!

We felt like we still had a lot of the day left and wanted to do something else fun and exciting. So we ended up hiring a motorboat. Yes I went on a boat. And it was hilarious. We used Lakeland Boat Hire which only cost us £37 for all 4 of us for 30 minutes. They provide life jackets and waterproof coats just incase you get wet! They told us we could make it over to the other side of the lake to the marina and back in 30 minutes however us 4 trying to get there was just not gonna happen. We were laughing constantly, and the water got a little choppy. We asked if we would get wet and the staff said nobody else has come back wet today. We got SOAKED! Hahaha! It was hilarious we only made it out into the middle of the lake before we turned around and headed back but it really provided some entertainment for us all. The staff were great and really friendly with us! After that we got fish and chips and relaxed in the tent all night. Unfortunately it started to rain and we decided to call it a night (we are definitely showing our age!)

We had a lovely couple of days away and it was so peaceful being in the Lake District. Nobody is rushing around and I think we all needed some much needed head space. What else are your best friends for? I will most certainly be going back to camp in the lakes again soon, however we may need to wait for next summer now, as living in England provides us with more rain than sunshine!!


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