Love & Hygge

I had seen online a lot of stuff about ‘hygge’ and I was like, what is this weird and wonderful word? So I bought the book ‘The Little Book of Hygge’. First impressions of the book were good; the cover is so pretty and with it being dinky in size it just makes it even cuter. I couldn’t wait to get stuck in!
When you read the word ‘hygee’ it makes no sense. I honestly had no idea how to even pronounce it. It is correctly pronounced ‘hoo-gah’ although in the book it tells you that it doesn’t matter how you pronounce it. What the main thing is that you feel it.

The book goes into great detail on how to make your life more hygge (and trust me it’s easily done). An example of this would be; sitting by the window, wrapped up in blankets and pillows with a hot cup of coffee, reading your favourite book. Honestly I can feel how cosy this is just writing it. The general feel for hygge is ‘cosy’ and how the Danes achieve this throughout their day to day lives. The Danes are said to be the happiest people in the world, even in the cold wintery days, they manage to find the hygge in it all.

One of the easiest ways to achieve hygge is to light a candle. Why not light a lot of candles. Don’t use your lights, turn it all down and feel the cosiness from candlelight. I have been brought up in a home that loves lighting candles (my parents have a stall that sells candles and other hygge sorts of things, so yay free candles!!). I light candles at any point of the day and love having them lit when I have company round. In the book it explains they mainly use normal unscented candles, but I enjoy a mix. Especially a cinnamon & apple candle, oh goshhhhhh they are my fave.

Another important part of hygge, is coffee & cake. Honestly this thing is amazing, coffee, cake and candles?? What more can you ask for? Just sitting relaxing and taking some important ‘you’ time hits the hygge mark everytime. Hygge doesn’t even have to cost much money; why not bake the cake yourself and bask in the warm aroma of yummy cake mixture whilst waiting for your coffee to brew.

This book is perfect if you need to release yourself from your inner ‘sadness’. The author is Meik Wiking who is the CEO of The Happiness Research Institute. (Can you even think of a better job?) They must have coffees and cakes on every table in this building. The way the words are written in this book give you a sense of hygge and i can honestly say i have sat by candlelight, with a coffee and read this book. So thank you.

Me and my friends have got a camping trip coming up and its very rare for us to spend much time together. We are all really excited and the messages i received from them today were; ‘are we all planning on living in knit and woolly socks’ and another perfect quote from my best friends: ‘can’t wait for comfy cosy happy friendlings’

ahh perfection, thank you girls for making my life a little more hygge, you are truly amazing.


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