Pintxos in Palma

We have just stayed in a little place called Cala Major in Palma for a week, all inclusive. We felt like we just needed a break and some sunshine (and a chance to do nothing) and we booked a hotel that I have stayed in before. The weather was amazingily hot and Palma itself was just gorgeous! Now normally with all-inclusive I don’t do a thing. I find my sunbed, I find the bar and I lie in the sun for the whole week. This time I felt the need to do things and go exploring.

We were sat in a little bar nearby our hotel having a chat with the bar tender who asked us if we planned on going into Palma. He explained that every Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, the bars in a certain area of Palma offer tapas and pintxos with either a small beer or a glass of wine for just two Euros. This makes it one of the cheapest nights out in Palma and also a fun way to see a bit of town which is very popular with the Palma locals. Tourists might not be able to find all of the places so it makes it seem a lot more ‘Spanish’, than the main areas of the town. It is called La Martiana Route.

We got the bus to Palma which cost us €1.50 (bargain) and started walking around trying to find the different places which can be a little complicated as they are all in back streets and sometimes quite well hidden. The first bar we found we looked through the window and saw sooooo much tapas on the bar. Of course being the first place we went too, we were shy about how to order as this did seem a very local event. You just helped yourself to whatever you wanted and then ask the bar tenders for whichever drink you wanted. We got more confident the more bars we went too. We ended up going to 3 other places and tried something different in each one.

· Guacamole & Hummous Dip

· Meatballs

· Chorizo sausage with onion

· Parma ham with mozzarella

· Sausage and pastry

· Chicken with lemon curry sauce

· Chicken wings

· Cheese croquettes

I never realised how much I enjoyed Spanish tapas until this night. We couldn’t wait to get to the next bar to see what they offered. For a small price of €2 per tapas, you cannot say no. The bar tender explained to us that they made this tapas route to help benefit the local establishments as Tuesdays can be the quietest nights in Palma. There are around about 12-15 bars which offer this, and most of them provided everything in only Spanish which proves they do this for their locals. It seems like a bonus for the tourists to get involved too. The atmosphere is great too, with most bars full to the brim of people talking away enjoying their evenings. It 100% made me question why I don’t just pack my bags and move to Spain. I could easily live off Tapas at €2 a pop right??

There’s a lot more information on their website, however it would help of you spoke Spanish 😉


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