A Day in Italy,Manchester

I see things happening in Manchester all the time on my Facebook. Friends tagging each other in fun and exciting things and I literally never go. The minute I saw the Festa Italiana pop up I immediately decided I was going. A festival based around Italian Food??? Err yes please.


It was based in Cathedral Gardens which is right in the centre near the Urbis Centre. They have food, drink and live music and it was an amazing atmosphere. I went on the first day opening and you could tell it was still just starting off as some of the stalls were not filled. However it was getting really busy despite the clouds and rain looming. With the live music tinkling away and the smell of the pizza, you almost felt like you could be in Italy itself.


We obviously decided to hit the food places first. We tried some amazing pieces of Focaccia stuffed with meats from the Salvi’s stall. They were so so yummy and something I haven’t tried before. My friend got a Aranchini, which is a ball stuffed with rice and cheese. They were AMAZING. That good she went and got another one after.


The staff there were great aswell, enjoying the atmosphere and having fun. Here’s my friend Bianca with one of the chefs loving life.


We sat down and decided to enjoy some Aperol Spritz cocktails from the Cosy Clubs stall. Thom was not a fan of these whatsoever so me and Bianca enjoyed 2 each!! Whoops. There was also a prosecco bar and one selling Peroni!! There really is something for everyone.

We saw an amazing looking food fan serving pizza from I Knead Pizza company. A wood fired pizza made in the back of a horse box? Honestly the things you can do these days. And for £9 for a pizza big enough to share. We couldn’t say no.


Oh… and the cannelloni’s, YUM. It’s safe to say I think I really really enjoy Italian food. I could have stayed there all day long but I feel like eventually I would probably burst.


On the Sunday, they are recreating the 20-metre-pizza that Italian restaurant Salvi’s created for Manchester Food and Drink Festival back in 2016. This time the ambition is to beat the last record they made with a 50 metre pizza. AMAZING. So annoyed I couldn’t make it on Sunday for this. I’m sure I could manage quite a few slices. I even heard that they are charging £5 per slice with a Peroni!! BARGAIN.

It was an amazing experience and it’s only made me want to jump on a plane to the nearest Italian destination like now. Venice is ticked off, I think I need to go and explore Rome next!!



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