What I learnt from my days at the races.

I have only been to the races twice in my lifetime. The first being 2 years ago when Thom took me on a date to Chester. We only live about 20 minutes away via the train and it sounded like an amazing plan at the time!
Now I am not a true girly girl. I enjoy wearing my converse and jeans waaaay too much. And of course the races mean you have go make an effort! After talking to a lot of people who have been in the past and obviously instagramming like mad #chesterraces I had an idea in my head of what I should look like. My brain told me to wear flats, my heart told me to wear heels. Note to self…always go with your brain.

I went with a black dress in the end because I basically live in black wherever possible. I never wear dresses and I was totally out of my comfort zone. If I remember rightly the dress was a little bargain from Forever21 at the time which I could obviously wear with black heels. Then I had to decide on the hair/fascinator. I ended up getting that stressed that I threw my hair up and just stuck a black fascinator in the side. I was happy with how I looked but the minute I got to Chester I regretted every single part.

My dress was too short, my heels were too high and I felt utterly out of my comfort zone. We had tickets for the tattersalls so you could walk around the ground and drink but after an hour I could barely walk in my shoes after standing up constantly. I know, I’m loosing girl points here. Man up! But it really can ruin your whole day!! I enjoyed the whole betting and drinking part with Thom and he honestly put up with me like a trooper but I couldn’t wait to get on the train and get my shoes off. Also…we didn’t win a single penny. Oh dear.

You’d think I learnt my lesson. But we did the whole thing again a year later. I knew what to expect this time, but I still wore really high heels?? Honestly us girls are so stupid some times.

We always have fun when we’re together doing things like this but If we go again, I am 100% taking an extra pair of flats with me. The horses are always beautiful and wel looked after too. And honestly girls, we never feel like we look good when we compare how we look with everyone else so why worry? At the end of the day we all look glamorous and we all have fun! So why let it get us down??

The races are an amazing day out and I think everyone should go and enjoy it. Get dressed up and get drunk just maybe care a little less about how people think of you and enjoy it for what it is.

(Hopefully next time I manage to win some money too!!!)


2 thoughts on “What I learnt from my days at the races.

  1. Oh no – shame about the shoes. I always go for platform heels to help – I find them less painful overall. Hope you have a better time next time but I’m glad you made the most of it 🙂


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