25 Of My Favourite Things

Wanna get to know me a little better? Here are 25 things to give you just a little insight into me and my life!

1. My family. I love how crazy and hilarious my family really are. You can’t go to my house for a party without getting the fancy dress out doing shots. You guys are the best.

2. Thom. My partner in crime, my best friend, my overly loving boyfriend. I wouldn’t have you any other way pups.

3. Crepes. And waffles!! With banana and chocolate. YUMMMM.

4. Lying in bed whilst it’s rainy and stormy outside.

5. Self help books. I truly believe they help you in any rubbish problem you may have in your life. Feeling negative?? Go buy The Secret.

6. My forever friends. You girls know exactly who you are. We may not see each other for months at a time, but we know were always there, with a positive quote and a helping hand.

7. Five guys burgers. Possibly the best burgers around.

8. Harry potter books and the films!! I think I watch them all at least twice a year. GEEK.

9. Instagram. I use it every single day for posting and getting inspiration. Cmon everyone is so nosey these days we love it.

10. Puppies. Arghhhhhh I want a puppy so bad. I actually want like 3??

11. Coconut oil. My friend taught me to use it as a make up remover, and honestly ive never looked back. I use it for all sorts. I think it just makes you feel more cleansed and relaxed.

12. Reading in the bath.

13. Traveling. I recently did a 3 month trip and I thought I was ready to come home. Maybe I could jump on a plane and go again….

14. Coffee shops. Are my life. The end.

15. Notepads. I am obsessed with buying pretty notepads and love filling them with lists.

16. LISTS. Yes I have a list for pretty much every single thing I do each day.

17. Photography. I love taking my camera out at any opportunity, and the of course instagraming them.

18. Cinnamon and apple candles.

19. Christmas. My favouriteeeeee time of year. From the start of December onwards I am crazy about Christmas.

20. My Spotify playlists.

21. Avocados. And I only got my love of them recently in Australia.

22. Sleep.

23. Airplanes. I don’t enjoy being on them, but I LOVE watching them. How do they even fly????

24. The kardashians. Some people hate them, I am obsessed with them all. Can I just be their best friend please?

25. Camping with Thom. We love exploring, taking beers and playing cards. So much fun.

Let me know some of your favourite things!! Do we have a lot in common?? Should we go out for unlimited coffee and waffles?? Let me know 🙂


One thought on “25 Of My Favourite Things

  1. YES to The Secret! I try to tell everyone about it, even if you don’t follow the whole thing to the letter I think the principal of it is absolutely incredible. Great post!


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