We Were Young….Once!

This is one for my besties. For the fake tan, orange VK’s and sticky carpets. For the baby versions of who we are today. It’s absolutely BIZARRE that we left high school ten years ago, TEN YEARS AGO GIRLS?!! Ugh how did we get so old? I’m feeling nostalgic so here are some personal memories of our times together being all young and stuff. Trust me, you’ll wanna grab your kitten heels and get dancing!! 
· Pre drinking from 3pm at Emma & Rebecca’s because we were always skint and needed to get sooooo drunk before we went out.

· Bringing our entire wardrobe with us and constantly changing outfits, hair and make-up approximately 19 times.

· Meeting up with our entire school in The Peel for cocktail JUGS!! With a thousand straws in so we could share.

· Tequila…so much tequila.

· Trying to get to Sol before midnight so you didn’t have to pay full whack to get in.

· All of the VK’s, 3 for £5 hell yeah let’s all get 3 each!! Every photo I have of us we each have 3 drinks in our hands at all times.
· Throwing fake ids over the smoking area to each other so we could all get in Sol, under the same name?! haha!

· Orange bucket mixed with every alcohol we can find. Of course.

· Leg warmers at house parties. KATIE I’m looking at you.

· Selfies in the toilets. We can never ever go to the toilet alone. Its like a rule surely? I reckon we spent approx. 2 hours each night in the loos girls!!

· Mr Brightside at the end of the night.

· Stealing vodka on a new year’s eve house party and ending up throwing up into saucepans & crawling around the landing naked…..REBECCA!!

· Don’t forget the orange blusher brush on new year’s day.

· Making friends with every person we meet, EVER. And Emma you were usually giving them some sort of advice on life.#foreveraschoolteacher

· Foam parties in the winter. Seriously? The foam came up to our eyeballs and no taxi would take us home cause we were too wet. But we had a reallllll good laugh!

· Going to the clog for a ‘few drinks’ and ending up in blind tiger till 3am.

· Remember when you could smoke inside Yates (yes it was that long ago) well remember our hair extensions when we got home? UGH oh and the cigarette burns!!

· When you don’t wanna drink that much, but your bestie makes a promise we won’t be going home before 2am.So you end up dancing on the tables, setting your bestie up with paco rabanne and receiving strip teases. LOL.

· That one time we all wore neck scarfs to Yates.

· Insisting on getting a dixy chicken and chanting it in Deans old punto. And the dixy guys knew who we were that much we got free wings EVERYTIME.

Im gonna quit while I’m ahead here because honestly I could be here for days reminiscing. Now we meet up once every 4 months or so and enjoy cups of tea and paninis. Hahaha oh how things have changed. You’re all out there in the big wide world doing what you do best and I’m so proud of all of you! We do have the occasional old school nights out when we can and i’ll leave you with a couple of recent memories:

· Rebecca you were tipsy and had a fall out with your boyfriend. What night would be complete without us falling out with our men?? Half way through said falling out, you were on the dancefloor dancing to little mix with us!! HAHA!

· Emma you offered the whole bar in Brussels to a push up challenge, and you SMASHED every single man in there, WHILST DRUNK & doing shots. I take my hat off to you.

· Katie. We got that pre drunk for Leannes wedding, that we made a vimto bottle full of vodka, and packed the full bottle of vimto instead of the vodka in our handbags. And drank this vimto all night thinking it was vodka. Yes. Yes we did.

Girls, I Love You xx


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