Happy Mum Happy Baby

It’s fair to say I am a huge Giovanna fletcher fan. I think everything she does is absolutely fabulous. Honestly, I wish she was my best friend, who I could pick up the phone and call whenever I’m feeling low.

 I’ve read all of her fiction books she has released, (‘You’re the one that I want’ will have you changing your mind constantly about who Maddy should be with). She writes so perfectly that when I heard she was releasing a non-fictional book I was so excited. Oh and this one was all about herself!! EEKKKK!!
I bought the book ‘Happy Mum Happy Baby’ last week and I very nearly finished it in 2 days. I had to try and spread it out longer as I genuinely didn’t want to stop reading it. Now, I am not a Mum. I even had to give an I’m sorry look towards the other half, who now thinks I automatically have baby fever!! Hahaha! But this book will reach out to you no matter what.

If you have watched any of Giovanna’s vlogs in the past, then you will know she is always herself; so kind, down to earth and funny in each and every one. This is exactly her in every page of this book. I felt like she was sitting there talking to me with each word. Its just so her. She tells the complete honest truth throughout it all, warts and all.

She admits herself throughout the book, that this is not a book of tips. No it is not, however you can’t help but mentally note down things that she talks about. I won’t talk about much of the content as I do not want to spoil it for anyone who has not read it. She goes into detail on some of her personal problems that she and Tom have dealt with, some things that I had no idea she had gone through. She also goes into so how together as a family they are bringing up Buzz and Buddy. Honestly that family is such a team, it totally makes me jealous!!

My favourite part of the whole book (actually I have 2), the first being the chapter about her body. Giovanna is a beautiful person, inside and out, and she tells us about people making ‘Mums’ feel bad for not getting rid of the ‘baby weight’ etc. I think pregnancy is an absolute miracle and she proves she feels exactly the same in this book. I don’t feel anybody should ask questions or make people feel bad for still having a post pregnancy body. She writes about this issue so brutally honest that it made me so happy and proud to be a woman. (Again, I’m not even a mum).

The other part in the book which made my heart just ache with happiness was the letters at the end to Tom and the boys. She makes him feel included in each part of her pregnancy stories, as well as the post pregnancy and she thanks him for all of this. You can tell the love they have for each other is out of this world. And their babies are absolutely gorgeous!!! They are literally couple goals for anyone in the world, and if I could be half the woman Giovanna Fletcher is I would be a very happy bunny!!



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