When Life Gives You Lemons..

I have been wanting to bake more for such a long time! I love eating home made cake there is nothing better, so recently me and Thom have been gahering ingredients and making cakes whenever we can! 

I started off with a simple Victoria sponge! We had teething problems as the receipe we followed didn’t match up with the size of our cake tins, so it turned out a little flatter than we expected! 

My favourite so far has to be the lemon drizzle! We found a receipe online which I am going to repost on here at some point! The prepping for the cake only took about 10 minutes, grating the lemons took the most time! But then more you grate, the zestier!!!

It went in the oven for about 50 minutes, then as soon as it comes out we covered it with fresh lemon juice and sugar. As the cake cooled it soaked into the sponge and gave it a lovely crunch on top! Seriously YUMMY! I’ll grab the receipe for you soon! 

Stay tuned for my next bake!!! 


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