Bestie Time 

My best friends are always keeping busy with work and making their lives better than ever. So whenever we have time to get together and see each other we jump at the chance. 

My friends Emma & Rebecca have a bigger sister Leanne, who got married on Friday in Bartle Hall in Preston. It was so so lovely of her to invite myself & Katie to her wedding reception! I booked a hotel for me & katie to stay in for the night and we headed there early on in the day to spend some time together! We had such a good laugh having lunch and catching up before the drinking began. We spent a couple of hours getting ready & taking photos. It was so great to just have some time not thinking about anything massively important, just enjoying my friends company. 

I had to do a panic shop the day before the wedding to find something to wear! I ended up finding this pink lacy top from Dorothy Perkins! It was perfect for a wedding and it went with my cropped tailored trousers! 

We then headed off to the reception which was only a 5 minute drive away! The venue was gorgeous! The minute we arrived you could feel the love in the room! Leanne looked beautiful in her wedding dress and she couldn’t stop smiling! Nick looked really handsome and his best man was even cuter!!! (The best man was an Alsatian dog called Ceaser with a bow tie on) haha! 

Everyone was so happy and excited! Our friends Emma & Rebecca were bridesmaids who looked equally amazing!! Seeing Ceaser walking round the venue was so lovely, not many places would allow dogs but I think it’s a perfect touch! 

We all danced the night away with prosseco and vodka! The food they served was meat pies and chips or cheese & onion pie . It was AMAZING! Hats off to Leanne & Nick for choosing such a lovely venue!! We had an amazing night and spending time with my best friends was the best! 

Congratulations to Leanne & Nick…oh and baby Amber. The perfect little family! The Craigs xxxxx 


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