DIY Bedroom

We’ve wanted to make a start on our bedroom for ages now! When we got back from our trip we had 2 weeks off before we started back at work. So there was no better time! 

Thoms room has been blue since he was a teenager and he then went and ruined the wallpaper by using blutac to stick up beer mats. Don’t get me wrong, he has an amazing beer mat collection. From all over the world but it’s time we found them a new home!! 

Here’s a little before shot: 

We decided to do it all ourself with no help!! So there’s been many trips to B&Q for us! We stripped the walls using scrapers & a steamer. The steamer really helped get it off quick. I really recommend using a steamer rather than a wet sponge for larger bits. 

I personally think that stripping the walls is always the worst part of DIY. Because it has to be done well! Every single bit must come off before you can start re papering! We decided to get a Lining Paper for the walls, plain, and then paint it magnolia with one wall being a feature wall, with a different colour! Thom papered all the walls himself with some of the walls being an odd shape it did take a few days.

We then painted the skirting boards once all the paper was up and ready. You can see on this photo the difference in colours and it was ready for a fresh paint!

I was so excited to get the paint up on the walls. We had chosen a lovely colour called Hazelnut Parfait from B&Qs own range! 

We thought it might need 2 coats but he colour was perfect with just the 1. It dried a lot better than when it was put on. The paint was all on within a day and itimmediately changed the whole room! 

Then comes the best bit! Buying the finishing touches. We decided we wanted different furniture too just to finish it all off! We had a field day in IKEA and of course we stopped off for meatballs! Hahaha! I got new bedding from Tesco in the sale aswell! Bargain! And it’s so so soft and cosy! We love it! Here’s the finished product! 

All we’re missing is carpet which we are going to get in a few weeks but we’re really happy. The photo doesn’t do the coloured wall any justice at all. The feature wall looks really good too! We bought most of the photo frames from charity shops too!! 

I’m so so happy with the end result and when I light my candles with fresh flowers on the windowsill, I’m in my own little sanctuary 🙂 . And the fact we did it all by ourselves is even better!! I cannot wait to get my own house!!! 

                            Before & After


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