Valentine’s Day

Now I am not normally one for Valentine’s! I’ve always thought it was a money making day which didn’t really need to be celebrated. But for some reason this year I really wanted to do something cute for Thom. Since we’ve just got back from 3 months of traveling we are both SKINT so I scrolled through Pinterest for ideas and came across the perfect thing for him!! Maps of all the different places we’ve been too cut into lovehearts in a photo frame. Easy peasy!!  

This is literally all I needed for it!! I don’t have a printer so I went to the library to print the maps off in colour.

The only thing I struggled with was cutting the hearts out. I didn’t have a stencil and I was worried the hearts wouldn’t look good but it turned out amazing!!! 

I am really happy with the way it turned out & Thom was equally pleased with his present! He made me pancakes for breakfast which was lovely!! Then we decided to go for a walk and coffee and cake in Tatton Park in Cheshire. I decided to take the camera out with us and grab some shots! 

After our walk we stopped off in the cafe for some treats! As it was still cold we went with huge hot chocolates with all the trimmings. And of course cake. It was so so yummy! 

I had such a lovely day with Thom & it felt like a really great Amy & Thom day out! Tatton Park is lovely in whatever season but it always seems so nice to wrap up warm have a hot chocolate. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!!

(Oh yeah he totally got me roses…after I asked him too haaa 😉) 


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