Home Sweet Home 

We’ve been home a week now & it feels like so much longer!! We were so looking forward to being back home and we had so many lists of things to get done & we’ve made a start on them which is amazing! 

First thing we wanted to get done was redecorating our bedroom. It’s been thoms ‘boy’ room with beer mats and posters up for the last 2 years we’ve been together & we really fancied a change! We’ve made a start!!! We both stripped the walls and Thom papered the walls all by himself.  I’ll do another post of all the photos before & after once we’ve finished! We’ve been busy catching up with friends and family so it’s taking a little longer than we thought!

We were reading quite a lot on our trip and we decided to go and join the library for more access to different genres. I can’t wait to get stuck into some more books! I bought the new Harry Potter book before we went away and didn’t find time to read it, I came home and finished it in 24 hours! I loved it!!!! It made me relive my childhood a little bit, I don’t think I could read any better books than JK Rowling! 

Aswell as this we’ve both been catching up with our friends & family! I loved visiting slatterys with my college friends Lisa, Nicole and baby Violet! We had a lovely catch up & stuffed our faces with chocolate! So yummy! 

We go back to work in a week so we’re making the most of our relaxation time now! Whilst keeping ourselves busy!! 


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