The End of Our Trip

The time has come to go home after our 3 month trip. There has been some ups & downs along the way for us but we’ve done it. It’s gone so so quick in some ways and others it feels like so long ago!!

We’ve done so much in so many countries & I could not have done it without Thom by my side. 

Hong Kong 

New Zealand  



Kuala Lumpur 


We’ve made so many memories together and each country has been so different. Personally looking back I think Australia was my favourite! So many beaches and it had more normality than any other place. I couldn’t live there, it’s too far away from family and we’ve really missed our families. But it’s been a great place to discover more about ourselves! Cuddling a koala was one of my favourites & I’ll never ever forget that! We had some tough times in Thailand, with food poisoning and the weather being bad but we managed to enjoy the time we spent there. 

We’ve done this now & I think we prefer doing it like holidays rather than traveling with a backpack. We’re already discussing our next place to holiday! I’m thinking Italy??? Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!! Haha! But if anybody wants to go traveling, I would say go and do it!! Everyone should, even if it is for a short time like we have! There’s so much to see, good & bad!! 

           Day 1.                              Day 81. 


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