Phi Phi & Koh Lanta

We made the trip from Phuket to The Phi Phi Islands on the ferry! It only took 2 hours and the water was that calm, you couldn’t tell you were on a boat! Which is amazing! 

We did the day trip over to Maya Bay which was lovely. I really wanted to do the walk up to the phi phi viewpoint! 

It was a crazy crazy walk. It was 35 degrees and we hadn’t had anything to eat. Big mistake. We got so so hot and the steps just go on forever!! I almost turned around at one point after getting bitten by mosquitos & sweating to the point where I looked like I had taken a shower hahahaha! However the views at the top were really worth the walk. It was so nice to sit and relax and admire the beautiful views! 

It’s good after all the walking and moaning that we can still laugh together!!  It was a great part of Thailand for us and it just looked unreal! 

After phi phi we jumped on another ferry over to Koh Lanta. We planned to meet our friend Amanda over there after a few days on our own. We found some amazing bungalows to stay in. They were probably one of the best places we’ve stayed in the whole trip, they even had hammocks outside and they were right on the beach! 

It was perfect, so relaxing!! It’s a shame the weather took a turn for the worse and didn’t stop raining for 2 days! We witnessed some proper Thai storms here but it did give us some time to get some reading done which was good. 

We have tried lots of different foods whilst we’ve been away including this from our hotel! It was really nice, however our stomachs didn’t react very well after a few days of it! I think we just needed to eat something a bit more plain unfortunately! 

We went off to meet Amanda at our next hotel which was also on the beach! It wasn’t the greatest hotel ever but it would do! The bar had a neon paint theme & cheap beer!! 

We had spent a little bit more money on a hotel with a pool so this was a planned relaxing week! Amanda went and bought us pizza slice lilos which were hilarious! 

The second day we were there, all 3 of us got food poisoning. It was defiantly the worst part of our trip, we were bed bound for 2 full days and it still took us a few days after that to get better! Eventually we felt well enough to go out again and enjoy ourselves so we watched the sunset with a beer on the beach! 


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