Maya Bay

Whenever I thought of Thailand, I thought of white sandy beaches, clear waters and blue skies. So far…I have seen not much of any of those! So we headed off on a ferry to Phi Phi Islands! It took about 2 hours from Phuket there and the waters were so calm I barely remembered we were on a boat! Fab!! 

When we got there we had already decided that we wanted to go to Maya Bay, where they filmed ‘The Beach’. With this you had to book onto a trip. So we booked a 1/2 day speedboat trip to the bay, stopping off at a few other hotspots! 

Our first stop was Monkey Beach. A cute little beach which homed quite a lot of monkeys!! It was really cute, however the minute we got off the boat the tour guide said ‘don’t touch monkey. Monkey bite’ hahaha well what if they touch me??? 

They were actually quite cute though! Then we headed off to Maya Bay which is a complete different island. Bumped over a few waves to get there too, but the tour guides seem to love it!! Maya Bay is amazing, like a scene of a postcard!! The only downfall is that it’s overrun by tourists! (Even though we are tourists too) people were EVERYWHERE! So many people taking photos & selfies it was crazy! It is a beautiful place though, doesn’t even look real! 

And it seems like every person out there is ‘doing it for the insta’. There were girls posing like models with their mothers on their knees in the sea. Honestly it’s quite funny to watch. They had a lot of long boats there which do Day trips too. They make the perfect Thailand picture in my eyes. 

It’s such a beautiful place and the trip only cost us about Β£40 for the 2 of us. The speedboat company gave us unlimited water or coke, and fresh pineapple & watermelon, which was much needed. Really yummy!! We stopped off at a couple of other coves on the way back too. Which were just as amazing. 

I really thought all of Thailand would be picturesque, but it actually isn’t. And I’m really proud of myself for jumping on a sleedboat and going to find a perfect piece of Thailand! For perfect photos and a lovely trip out you have to visit Maya Bay!! 

They let you out for a swim and a snorkel too! Thom jumped off the front of the boat!! 


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