Avatar & Sentosa Island 

I had read about the Gardens of The Bay before we even planned this trip, and really wanted to check them out. It was something on our list and we were excited to see what they were like! We visited them in the daytime first to really get a feel of the gardens! 

They are truly amazing!! The gardens mixed in with the huge avatar like trees just looks like something from a film! They had water fountains and so much to offer for children and adults all with the hotel Marine Bay Sands stood proudly behind. 

It’s such a shame that it was so so hot when we got there as we couldn’t stand being in the sunshine walking around it all, so after walking some of the way and taking photos, we decided to head back to the hotel and come back at night time. 

We were so glad we came back at night!! We accidentally fell onto a light & water show at the hotel as we watched the sunset over the skyline! Bonus! They used water fountains and projected pictures on the water! Amazing idea! The skyline was fantastic too! We had such a good view! 


Once the show had finished we walked back to the gardens and it was one of the best sights ever!! Honestly I felt like I was in Avatar. The trees all lit up were unreal!! You could walk around the top of the trees too, but we were too late to buy a ticket. 5 minutes after we got there all the lights on the trees switched off. We thought ahh well it must be closing time. Only for another light show with music on the trees to start! It was FAB!!! One of my highlights! 

On our last day in Singapore we decided to try out Sentosa Island which was a short monorail trip away from the city! I knew they had beaches there so we packed our beach bags and the sun was shining! I did not expect the views that we got when we arrived there! Wow. 

It almost felt like we weren’t in Singapore anymore! Maybe Mexico? Haha. It was so incredibly hot, we tried sunbathing on be beach but had to find shade under the palm trees! The water was so warm aswell, but lovely to swim in! 

Sentosa island had a few stops on the monorail, they also had a huge merlion there which was bigger than the original one! It was sort of like a giant theme park, but you had to pay for any of the extra bits when you got there. We decided to keep it cheap (singapore is quite expensive!!) and stayed by the beach and beach bar! It had a bridge over the water where you could view the ocean and all the boats! It was really nice! 

Sentosa is a must for people who love the beach, and if you are willing to spend money then they even have a universal studios there!! It’s so easy to get too using their monorail too! GO!!  


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