A Quick Stop in Kuala Lumpa 

We took a really short flight (35 minutes) from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur for 2 nights before we head off to Phuket! The flight was probably the quickest we have ever been on which is great for me!! 

Once we arrived we used their train network to get to the city. It wasn’t the best network we’ve used so far, but after struggling with tickets we eventually made it to our hotel. Which was in little India! We checked in and relaxed for a bit then decided as we still had some of the evening left to go and find the Petronas Towers! It’s literally the only thing we wanted to see here and it was very easy to find! (Thanks to thom and his map skills).

They are HUGE! But look amazing! They really stand out in the city. It was really good seeing them in real life, the only problem was the people there trying to sell you things. I know you get that at most attractions but we did see a few people trying to ‘pretend to drop their purse’ and we all know where that ends up! Other than that it was amazing! 

I had done some researching and found out the best place to go for a drink and a view was the sky at in the traders hotel. We found our way there through the park and headed up to the 33rd floor. It wa really busy, just our luck they were having s private party in most of the bar so we had to sit in rubbish seats. Until finally window seats became free and we enjoyed a few beers and some food here. The view was unreal, we are so lucky! We got to see the sun set behind the towers giving us the best view daytime & nighttime.

Seeing the towers was pretty much the only thing we had in mind for this stop, however we had heard about the Batu Caves. So our last day we used the train to get to the caves! The weather was so so hot 36 degrees and the caves have 272 steps to climb up to the top! I had made the mistake of wearing shorts (like a lot of women) so they provided us with sarongs to wrap around us aswell! The walk up the steps was hard in the sunshine! We were sweating!! 

There was also monkeys running around the steps giving us extra entertainment! They jumped up and grabbed a ladies plastic bag of food and complexity ripped it apart! They even unscrewed the lids of bottles of drink. They are so so clever! 

The temple inside the caves wasn’t too great to look at to be honest! The outside of the caves was probably the best part! And the huge golden statue was really good. It was a short stop for us once we got up and we decided it was too hot and headed back down!

Right near our hotel in little India they had a bazar that was open everyday. We walked through it and saw so many things and it was so so cheap! I ended up buying a few things, mainly tips to wear in Thailand. But I can’t wait to wear them!  

Our next stop is Thailand, Phuket! So we’re excited for a bit beach and chill time!  


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