Singapore Sling Please.

We have now left Australia and are heading into our final weeks of our trip. We had a flight booked to Singapore with scoot airlines. I have never heard of it before so I did some googling and found out they use a Dreamliner. It was nothing like the Thomson one we used to Mexico! The flight itself was not bad,7 hours, which was quite bumpy with turbulence!! Once we landed we used their trains to find where our hotel was. The trains were quite easy to use sort of like the train system in Hong Kong. 

We decided to go and do some exploring and headed off to see the merlion! Again it was quite easy to find & thankfully it wasn’t too busy with tourists! The merlion is really nice, a lot bigger than I thought! 

The views are amazing! The hotel behind it is the Marine Bay Sands. It looks fantastic, and it has an infinity pool on the top! Just a tad expensive for us though!! ( we were considering booking last minute though! ) haha! The building is huge and is so different from any other hotel I’ve seen yet!! 
We were told from a friend to go for a Singapore sling in Raffles; the birthplace of the cocktail. So we decided to go off and find the hotel! It was amongst other big hotels and we saw the sign for ‘The Long Bar’ which was upstairs in Raffles Hotel. We expected to wait a while for a table however we were sat down straight away!! Of course we had to order Singapore slings!! We got 1 original and 1 tropical one which had sparkling wine in. YUM! They were both so so good! 

Each table had a big bag of nuts which you had to crack yourself. A great added extra for the bar! We sat and people watched there for a while whilst enjoying our cocktails, then decided to pay and leave! The bill cost more than we expected; $70!!! For 2 drinks!! But we brushed it off as it was something we just had to do whilst here in Singapore! I would really recommend visiting here for a Singapore sling! With all its history it makes it even more worthwhile! 

We also watched the sunset over the skyline which was AMAZING! 


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