Merry Christmas!! 

I’ve always spent Christmas at home. I love Christmas it’s my favourite time of the year. Decorating the tree, wrapping presents and going out to eat & drink at every single opportunity!! When we booked this trip we were really excited for spending Christmas in the sun! It’s a first for both of us, being away from our families. As we’ve got closer to this point we have started getting a bit homesick, and the thought of Christmas made it just that little bit worse. However we made our day fun filled & enjoyed each other’s company to the maximum! 

We had to go & buy food and drink on Christmas Eve as everywhere shuts for Christmas Day. We got lots of crisps,dips and sandwich stuff and decided we would just have a big picnic! We also bought some wine and fizzy wine to drink on the beach. 

Christmas Day arrived, and honestly it just felt like any other normal day. We got up, got changed and headed to the beach. We haven’t even heard much Christmas music here either! It’s just weird!!  There were a lot of families out in the morning which was nice to see. All the children in the sea with their surfboards was cute. Probably Christmas presents!! 

Once the families started to leave the other travelers started to arrive! Bringing the music and beers and having fun!! We had packed Christmas hats for some photos on the beach and decided to have fun in the sea with them! We had our sausage rolls and then enjoyed our fizzy wine together whilst sunbathing and swimming! 

We headed back to our hostel, had a quick dip in the pool before making another little picnic and settling down to watch some films in our room. It was a very relaxed Christmas and we had fun in our own little way, but I wouldn’t change Christmas at home for anything! We’ve both learnt that we don’t want to be away for Christmas again, unless it’s with the family really. It is the most wonderful time of the year, but next time let’s include family, presents and lots of love!! 



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