Byron Bay

We’ve spent some time in Byron Bay recently which has been great! It’s got such a hippy vibe, everyone is walking round barefooted with dreadlocks! We totally didn’t fit in when we first got there, but we tried our best! 

The hostel we stayed in was in The Inbetweeners film, HILARIOUS. We were in a double room which wasn’t too bad actually, until the night we had a cockroach! NIGHTMARE! Thom did a really good job of getting it out though! 

The beach was really nice too, it was just a windy day so we didn’t stay long because the sand was blowing everywhere! 

There is a lot of shops & cafes here which is great! We found a really nice cafe for breakfast called Mokha Cafe! I tried something new it was really really nice! Poached eggs with hummus, rocket and tomato! Of course with a latte! So good!! 

We were really lucky and fell upon some markets which were near the town! They sold all sorts of things and they had live comedy on with the locals! Really good fun! And they were all really funny too! I enjoyed a crepe there too, with chocolate and banana! 

Byron Bay also had so many places selling  crystals!! So I finally found the selanite I’ve wanted for a while! I’m getting a small collection of crystals now for different things! I love them! 

It’s such a nice town and everyone was really friendly! They even had a local pool which we used too! We enjoyed Byron Bay and used our time here to really relax for a few days! 


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