Blackpool Feels Like Home!

Love or hate Blackpool, it is what it is. It’s tacky and i love it.

It has always had a special place in my heart as we have come here and had weekends at a bungalow since i was about 3. My mum and stepdad have had a caravan just outside of Blackpool for a few years and they sold it recently, and we have all felt it!! We used to be able to just jump in the car, an hour down the motorway and it automatically feels like youre on holiday again.

The illuminations are on at the minute for winter, which gives people another reason to go. Its lovely to get all wrapped up and walk down all the lights. Me and Thom had a day off and decided to go up in the afternoon and go for a walk.GOPR0042.JPG

Yes it was full of hen & stag parties, and yes it was windy and cold, but honestly its such a cute place to be. It warms my heart. We obviously had to stop off for fish and chips, you can’t go to Blackpool without it. I always go to the same place, which is next door to Coral Island the amusements. It’s like a ritual whenever i go there!GOPR0014.JPG

We recently bought a new GoPro, so took it with us for a test drive, with all the added extras. The weather was really good to us, and we had sunshine all day long. That much i had to buy a pair of sunglasses!!

If you go to Blackpool, you have to go in all the amusement arcades, and all the cheap shops. It has to be done. We won a few teddy bears on the games and walked all the way from the North Pier, to the South Pier. The theme park was open, however we hadn’t planed to go here ( and i hate roller coasters, but i could always hold the bags!!)

The GoPro took a few lovely photos:




We even caught the sunset, which was just lovely.


Once the sunset, we got back in the car and drove through the illuminations at snails pace so that everyone can get a good look!! It well and truly is lovely.


After we had done that, we drove back to where our caravan used to be, as there is a perfect little pub right near it. Thom LOVED the mussels that are served there, so we had to go back. The pub is right next to the river, its so lovely inside and has an amazing reputation. It got too about 9pm and all we wanted to do was roll back to the caravan 😦 which obviously we couldn’t do, so jumped back into the car for the drive home. It’s safe to say we slept well that night!! The sea air had made us so tired!!

Say what you will about Blackpool, but it’s got my vote. YOU STAY CLASSY BLACKPOOL!!



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