Literally, i have always wanted to visit a destination which looks exactly like a postcard, and i can sit there and tan like there is no tomorrow. What better place then MEXICOOO! We were toying with the idea of mexico for so long, looking at hotels and prices. It was so expensive comparing them all to our usual holidays.However, we were in  the travel agents looking at our dream holiday and the girl on the desk said she can give us 15 nights there for like £50 more than 10 nights. DUHHHH we booked it.


Flying is not one of my favorite things to do, and a 10 hour flight here was giving me nightmares!! We flew with Thomson on their Dreamliner and it was amazing! Such a nice plane to fly on, you barely remember your flying. (Until the turbulence hit) . And it did hit….for like a full half an hour. BUH, it knocked me a little bit, but i tried to carry on watching my films and forget it. All in all, a good flight. Good food, good entertainment, and actually quite comfy.

Once we arrived in Mexico, you can immediately see the blue skies, white beaches and clear sea, it is so lovely. Our hotel was even lovelier and the staff were so helpful. We stayed in the Riu Caribe which is in the hotel zone. It is literally a strip of hotels all next to each other, all as big as the net trying to outdo each other. But we were really happy with our home for the next 15 nights.

The beach was right on our doorstep and i couldn’t have asked for anything more. The sea was calm, clear and warm. It was just perfect. There’s such a sense of calm here people are just so chilled out.


That’s the view of our hotel from their little jetty where they had boat trips leaving from. They offered free snorkeling gear as well on the beach for an hour at a time which was really good. Thom loved it, and kept saying he was going to do it everyday. He didn’t though, the sunbathing became a daily thing for us. The waiters even came to your sunbed and took your drinks order. PERFECT.

I celebrated my 25th birthday whilst we were over there and the hotel provided balloons, a card and a cake in my room which was a total surprise and a lovely gesture. However on the night of my birthday i didn’t feel well at all and ended up spending the night in my room trying to recover. It even went into the next day and i couldn’t even go down and sunbathe!! I was fuming, but Thom looked after me the best he could, and i made him go downstairs and enjoy his day. After 2 days of drinking nothing but water and only eating a tiny nibble of bread i felt better. To be honest i think it was a mix of sunstroke and maybe something i had eaten. But finally i could get back outside and enjoy my holiday.


We went into the town on the bus one morning to go and see the shops. We heard there was a flea market which was really good. We got there and all they do is try and pull you in their shops, it was so stressful! Mixed in with the heat as it got closer to lunch time, we just wanted to get back. Every single shop you walk past they talk to you, physically drag you.and to be honest they will just loose custom by doing so. But we did find a little ticket shop so Thom booked his tickets to go to Chichen Itza. I was going to go with him but they told me it was another 3 hour coach trip to get there. And with my travel sickness, i thought it was best Thom enjoyed that by himself. He doesn’t mind as he wont have me moaning in his ear 24.7!!

He really enjoyed his trip there, they showed him round the pyramids that were there and gave him a talk of spiritual rituals that happened there. He said it was so hot walking round there, they were all given bottles of water that they had to drink just in case of dehydration.


One the same day i was at the hotel, and i had kept my eye on my weather app, which kept saying we were due a storm, and at about 2pm it came. It just went dark as i was on the sunbed, so i took all my stuff and headed back to my room. I sat on the balcony with my kindle and watched everyone by the pool grab their things and run, you could hear the thunder coming and the wind. It absolutely threw it down, it was a real tropical storm which i have never encountered before but i loved watching it. Thunder and lightning right over the sea, it was really nice to watch. I had a great view from the balcony. It soon passed,but the sunshine didn’t come back unfortunatley, so i spent the afternoon relaxing in the room reading.


If you want a night of fun in Cancun, then you have to book the Captain Hook boat trip. I was skeptical at + boats + travel sickness = not a good combo. It didn’t affect me much as the sea wasn’t rough at all. They provided steak for tea and an amazing show all night. They got the audience involved and you’re all sat on the ships deck watching. It was really funny!! At the end of the night, they join up with another 2 boats and they jump over the ships and start fighting with swords. It was amazing!! Really great staff who serve you the food and drink whilst staying character the whole way through. They had a party at the end where everyone was drinking and dancing the night away and a coach takes you back to your hotel at the end of the night. A perfect night out for anyone of any age!!!


This holiday was a perfect holiday for me, it was nothing but relaxing, which is exactly me. 2 weeks of sunbathing and enjoying my time with my favorite person. Mexico was a lovely destination, however if i was to go back i might go to the other side as I’ve heard its not as full of tourists. Cancun seemed like it wanted everyone to go out and get drunk just like you would back home. However Mexico you were good to us, and we had the best time ever!! And my tan was just amazing!!






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