Goyt Valley

Whenever we have time off, we do try and fill our time with fun adventures together. Its so easy to fall into sitting around doing nothing watching Netflix, and believe me we do that A LOT. It just so happened that the weather was kind to us on these days off and we decided to go walking. We took the GoPro with us to capture our time here.

Thom took me to Goyt Valley which is sort of on the way to Buxton somewhere. It was quite a big walk but when the sunshine is out, you can’t complain.


I took my walking shoes with me, and thought nahh ill be fine in my trainers. My new Adidas trainers will be fine, until we stumbled across a field we had to get across which was full of mud and cows hahaha!! They survived fortunatley, but it did give Thom a few laughs at me screaming running through the mud.


The walk took about 2-3 hours in the end and took us through forests, streams and fields. It was a lovely day off together, and we finished it off with a pub lunch sat outside with some live music which made the day even better. Thom really enjoys his walking, whereas its never interested me that much. I see it as exercise i don’t really want to do. However Thom always finds lovely little places to take me too, and i can’t wait to get out camping again in the wilderness. Maybe there is an outdoorsy girl in me… somewhere….deep down.






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