After you work in an airport for as long as we have, it gets pretty tedious seeing all these people off on their holidays. So a few of us got together and decided to book a trip to anywhere that had a chance of sunshine in March (for a cheap price). So Faro was booked, thanks to handy Ryanair again with his low cost prices.
A total of 7 of us went which we were all mega mega excited for, and my Thom was the only boy going.(He loves it!!). The day we were flying, there was an air traffic control strike, which delayed us for 3 hours leaving Manchester, and we were sat on the plane for all 3 hours clock watching. Not a great start when all you want to do is get away. And we immediately regretted not picking up the bottle of vodka we originally said no too!!

After 3 hours we finally took off and the flight was pretty quick, 2 & half hours till we landed. Faro airport is quite a nice airport, very open, clean and had good signage pointing us to where we were heading. We had pre booked a transfer with a company called ‘Yellow Fish’ who were waiting for us the minute we landed (even with our delay) with our name card and a 8 seater bus for us all to fit it. Perfect service and got us to Albufeira in 40 minutes, AMAZING!  

We were staying in a little apartment called Cero Mar Gardens, which was at the very top of the hill leading down to the old town. Really sorry to say the staff were rude and obnoxious, with one of them even saying to my friend ‘you haven’t listened to a single word I said’. So it got our stay off to a pretty rocky start, but we were out to have fun, and fun we had.

Thom is a massive Manchester City fan, so he had to scour the town for a bar that showed the match, and that turned out to be most of the bars in the square!! Most of the bars were owned by the English offering out cheap cocktail deals and quick lunch ideas, but this was perfect for our trip. 2 cocktails for €5 is not a bad deal and hard to say no too. The sun was peeping through the clouds and eventually we were all sat down, cocktails to be drunk and laughter to be had.

Albufeira is actually a really nice little town, and it has all sorts to offer all ages. In our group our age range was from 22-60, so while some of the older people went off to have a nosey round the shops, we found a little bar and sat down with milkshakes!! If you do stay at the top of the hill and have to walk down all the steps to the square, it does get to the point where you start looking for a taxi. Walking down the steps is not a problem; it’s the walking back up!!  

 They have a small marina there as well, which is quite pretty but it’s nothing special, its mainly working boats dropping off cargo, but it’s quite picturesque if you were bored one afternoon. We also went to a lovely patisserie for breakfast which was GORGEOUS and I can’t remember the name!!! But we sat out in the sunshine was eggs & bacon and ended up far too full for cake!! Even when it rained we had a great time playing cards against humanity (the funniest game ever!!) and enjoyed a few somersbys!!


All in all, it served us well for the type of holiday we were looking for, a quick break away with good friends. Everything is within walking distance and if you learn to watch your money, it can be quite cheap. If you are looking for someone where easy to visit, with cheap cocktails thrown in the mix, Albufeira is perfect for you!! ❤️



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