As we were getting closer to Christmas we started to crave visiting somewhere new. Again cheap flights came up for us online and Venice was our port of call!  I have never been to Italy before so I was really excited to visit this romantic city on water. 

We took a late afternoon flight and got there around tea time. We walked straight from the airport to the water taxi and I finally saw this magnificent city on water!!! It really is a beautiful place! Our first stop was food!!! And of course I had to go and find some pasta!! We found a cute little place right near our hotel however it proved how expensive Italy really is! Thom ordered a large beer (we didn’t realise they came in extra large steins!!) it cost us €17!!! Arghhhh!!  

Our hotel was so so cute. So rustic and Italian! ❤️ the wall paper was made of red patterned fabric and it was so small but it was perfect for just us 2. It was so central that we went walking for 5 minutes and ended up in st marks square!!! Literally next door! We spent our first day walking again. Getting to grips with where everything was! And we found a row of restraunts right next to the bridge of sighs (which was closed for repair!!! Just our luck!) so we are here like everyday.   

A gondola ride was €70 for the 2 of us, for half an hour. We both agreed it was far too expensive so we didn’t do it! But to be honest we walked the whole area all day long and saw everything we wanted to anyway. There’s so many bridges that by the end of our trip our legs actually hurt us from walking up and down all the time!! Haha.  

The city is so picturesque but after you’ve walked and walked and eaten so much pizza and pasta you’re fit to burst…there isn’t much else to do. We found by our third day we were struggling on finding something to do. Plus with how expensive it was, you can’t just sit and drink and drink!! (Like we normally would!) we did in the end find an Irish pub which was reasonably cheap so we enjoyed copious amounts of red wine there one night!!! Obviously with it being the lead up to Christmas we expected markets and trees!! It was quite limited to be honest and didn’t live up to my expectations!!  

It’s another place to tick off our bucket list, I think I’d rather visit Rome next!!! See how it is there. Probably take some money money haha! It was a perfect little trip for us both and all we did was laugh the whole time!! But then again what else do you do with your best friend??? ❤️❤️❤️ 



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