Thom’s dad turned 50 in November and instead of doing the usual surprise party we decided to visit somewhere he wanted to go. How can you not go on holiday when your flights are like £45 return??? (Ahh faithful Ryanair) ❤️

We stayed in the Jewish Quarter in a cute little hotel. It was a little bit old fashioned, but perfect for what we need. The first day there we did soooooo much walking!! Thom dragged me round every single street in our area and the main square in Kraków is beautiful. There’s so much culture here and we actually enjoyed turning corners and finding more things! 


This was my first winter European trip so I made sure I had my thick winter coat and my new pair of timberlands. 

So, of course if you visit Poland you HAVE to visit Aushwitz. We booked the tickets through our hotel which was a massive help and plus the price was more reasonable. There are so many little huts in the streets selling tickets but watch the prices!!!

A bus picked us up in the morning to take us (I got soooo car sick!! 😩). It was an hour and a half drive to get there and they played a video about the past of Aushwitz which was informative. Once you get here , everyone’s mood changes, and you all sort of stop what normally goes through your head and focus on how horrible this place really is. 

It really hit home how awful it must have been back in the day. Sorta makes you feel grateful for the time we have been brought up in.  But it’s one of those places that you have to visit. It’s defiantly something ticked off my bucket list! 

So in Poland it’s actually really really cheap!! And where we stayed they had a lot of student bars which made it even cheaper. But these bars are not like the student bars in Manchester in used to. They were so quirky!!! We went in once where they had a wardrobe as the door into the next room. Little bit like narnia!! So cool. And for the food!!!! Omg there were street stalls selling sandwiches for like €3 and they were huge!! And so tasty! We kept going back for more!!  

All in all. Poland is defo up there with one of my favourite places. (Just don’t do the salt mines, so boring, and a complete waste of time and money) it’s cheap, cheerful and interesting!! Plus Thom’s dad had an amazing 50th birthday, we all got really drunk!!! 💜



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