We visited Spain last month for Thoms birthday. We stayed in Torreblanca in Malaga for a week and it was my first time using public transport and making my own way to the hotel. I’m used to jumping on a coach and being taken there.

The trains were very updated and very quick. I was quite surprised how much I actually liked them. So simple for a little blonde like me!! 🙋🏼

We took our go pro with us and tested it out for the first time in water (I was actually hesitant to put it in the pool) but it turned out to be completely fine!!!

We had so much fun with it we literally took it out everyday in the pool and the sea. But it proved to be amazing when we went to the water park!!

Whilst away in Spain we saw a family who was travelling in a motor home pull up at the beach park their van in the car park and jump on the beach. We literally decided there and then our new travel plans!! 🙈

So, our original plans were too visit Asia and stay in hostels…NEW PLAN!!! Thom needs to get rid of his car in December so he’s going to get a MOTORHOME! We’re going to be the new max and paddy making our way through Europe!!!! We’re currently looking at vans to buy and we’ve seen a few in our price range. I can’t wait to fix it up with our own little things 😋

So our first stop in Europe will be……


We’re just a little bit excited 😏


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