Birthday Boy 👦🏽🍸

so, my guy turns 22 next week and we are off to Malaga to celebrate. However as a pre birthday treat I decided to take him out for a surprise meal and cocktails in Manchester. 👦🏽👩🏼

We went to TurtleBay first for a couple of cocktails as we both haven’t been before! It’s lovely there!! The cocktails were 241 pretty much all night and the decor there is really nice!! Had a little nosey at the food menu too and it looked delishh!

I booked us a table at DonGiovanni as I heard they had a refurb from a friend. (Also if you booked online, you received 50% off!!) we sat at the bar and had a drink before benign seated at our table. The atmosphere was lovely and staff nice and chatty! I ordered my usual in an Italian I’m quite boring, carbonara. But Thom ordered a lobster ravioli. Which I actually tried for the first time. Not a massive fan of fish myself so I didn’t like it but he loved it!

We were going to go home after our meal, however we decided to be reckless and book a hotel room and stay in manchester! We went around the northern quarter for a few drinks which was nice but being a Monday it was quite quiet. We had a really good night celebrating his birthday early! But we can’t wait for Malaga now!!! ☀️

Goodnight had by all 👩🏼👦🏽😴💕



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