My New Toy

so, like every person who decides to go traveling, we decided on buying a GoPro. After lots of looking online etc, we went with the GoPro Hero+ which cost us around Β£200 in the end.

I genuinely think this will do us right for what we need it for. It’s waterproof as well which is amazing!!!i can’t wait to get in to water and test it out!

We’ve been looking online and our next purchase will be the accessories for it. You can buy a head piece, chest piece and a sort of selfie pole for it. When we are off out and about I think the head piece will be brilliant so we can show our friends and family at home what our travels are like from our point of view! πŸ™‚

This was our first test with the new camera!!! Here is my lovely other half, stuffing his face after we have finished an early shift ☺️

Stay tuned for more gadgets we plan on buying. I already have my hard drive ready for all out photos and videos!! Get ready to see these faces a lot more!



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